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DLAA Investment Group & DLAA Real Estate Investment DLAA INVESTMENT GROUP & DLAA REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT established in 2001. D.L.A.A. Real Estate Investment partners with other joint-venture investors, hedge funds, domestic, international partners, attorneys who had proven expertise & great successful results in all kinds of finance US A and worldwide. We buy, sell, develop, and create new franchises, including creative finance for all kinds of residential, commercial (including hotels & motels), industrial, energy, development properties, and more...

NEW: All types of medical equipment related to the COVID-19 Supplier. D.L.A.A. Real Estate Investment, L.L.C., registered with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Federal Contractor Registered for F.E.M.A., NAICA CODE (Emergency and Other Relief Services), Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE), S.A.M. pro?le, Registered with New York City & State of New York Purchasing Of?ce. Most of our products will supply to the F.E.M.A., New York City, Medical Hospitals, first responders, and any department related to the emergency needs.

Also, the D.L.A.A. Investment Group includes our partners, U.S.A., Canada's multiple Medical Groups, including New York, Boston, California, U.K., Europe & Asia. Our end-user mix of private sectors, Diplomate of the American Board of Anesthesiologist and Pain Management, U.S. Government, N.Y.C. is interested in the immediate and ongoing selling of surgical Masks, Gloves & All types of medical equipment related to the COVID-19 & others... such as

1. * 3M N95 1860 * 3M- 9332+ * 3M- 8112 * 3M- 1883 * 3M- 1860 * 3M- 1826 * 3M- 8210c * 3M- 9332+ * 3M- 8112 2. Premium KN95 Generic Masks: U.S Government Approved manufacturer, including FDA, CDC certified. 3. 3 PLY: U.S Government Approved manufacturer, including FDA, CDC certified. 4. FFP2 or N95 standard Mask: U.S Government Approved manufacturer, including FDA, CDC certified. 7. Price per piece or Discounted Volume available such as 10 Million to 2 Billion of Orders.

Other Medical Types of Equipment: A. Ventilators * English display option * Electrical requirements: 120V, 60 Hz /or adapters included * Machine includes disposables (tubing and filters) * FDA-approved * Full scale, Critical Care Use * ICU or capacity * Service plan: * Repair guarantee * US Customer Service B. Isolation Gowns * Full 360 coverage (everyday use) C. Level 1 / 2 Gowns * Fluid-resistant or durable water-repellent (DWR)-treated * Full 360 coverage D. Gloves * Powder-free *Latex-free (Nitrile Gloves) E. Face-shields * Clear (transparent) material * Material: Polycarbonate or propionate PET and PETG *Full coverage

Our renowned creative loan teams, partners, attorney, domestic & international hedge funds work simotionsly to complete your finance. We have all kinds of funding in place, including new purchase, refinance, regular Loan, bridge loan, construction loan, development loan, joint-venture, accusations, business loan, international Loan, S.B.L.C., Bank Guarantee, energy, L/C, and many more.

Lower A.P.R. 1% to 2% (+)(-) offer for a long-term loan against Top 25+ Bank Guarantee/S.B.L.C. with confirming foreign Bank & Government Sovereign guarantee 3% to 5% without Bank Guarantee/S.B.L.C.

Welcome to D.L.A.A. Investment Group Finance & partners. Here you will find information about our international project finance. Many of our principles and key personnel are entirely private investors based on clients' participation in the project. Our principal's service is providing international project finance to government companies, businesses, and organizations for significant land development projects in the leisure, tourism, entertainment, power plant, and construction industries. Over the last two decades, our associates, who are leading international project financiers in the power plant and tourist industry, have placed over two hundred billion U.S. dollars ($200,000,000,000) of development capital in the form of equity and loans into an extremely wide variety of projects including amusement parks, eco and green projects, golf courses, hotels and hotel resorts, power plant, manufacturing, residential housing, sports stadia, theme parks, tourism and tourist projects, transport, including rail, road and shipping, water parks and many other types of project in many countries worldwide. We raise nance for our clients from our extensive global network of internationally accredited sources, including hedge funds, private investors, mutual funds, pension funds, and venture capital firms.

SOURCES OF FUNDS: DLAA INVESTMENT GROUP OF FINANCE Our renowned creative loan teams partner up with the Attorney, Domestic & International Hedge funds Group, Private Investors, Large MT 103 Account holders & more. Our renowned creative loan teams work simultaneously to complete your finance. We have all kind of funding in place including new purchase, refinance, regular loan, bridge loan, construction loan, development loan, joint-venture, Acquisition, business loan, international loan, S.B.L.C, Bank Guarantee, MTN, LTN, energy, Trade Finance & Trade Goods Payment Security Solutions, SBLC Monetization, Blocked Funds Program (BFP), MT103, GPI, L/C and many more.

SOURCES OF FUNDS | SECURE PLATFORM FUNDING Top Rated Bank Guarantee, B.G., Standby Letter of Credit, S.B.L.C., P.P.P., Private Placement Program, M.T.N., Mid Term Note, L.T.N., Long Term Note, Monetization & Non-Recourse Funding.


EUROPE: H.S.B.C., Barclays P.L.C., G.B.R., BNP Paribas S.A. (France), Credit Agricole Group, F.R.A., Deutsche Bank AG, D.E.U., Banco Santander SA, E.S.P., Royal Bank of Scotland Group P.L.C., G.B.R., UBS Group AG, C.H.E., Credit Suisse Group AG, C.H.E., Standard Chartered plc, G.B.R., Commerzbank AG, DEU

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